Ideal Flea And Tick Treatment For Your Pets

21 Feb

Pet owners have to deal with the nuisance of animal pests. Most of the common pests include fleas and ticks. You can find many different fleas and tick treatments available on the market nowadays. However, you should be keen to identify the best treatment that would effectively get rid of ticks and fleas for an extended period. Flea and tick shampoos are effective though they contain harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to the dog's skin especially if the dog is sensitive to skin allergens. There are different topical and oral flea and tick treatment options that you can choose for your pet to eliminate and control flea and tick infestation. It is important to check regularly if your pet has these infestations. Tick and flea infestation causes discomfort to your pet due to the itch feeling on the skin that is irritating. Ticks and fleas also suck blood from their pets. If the infestation is heavy, the pets can even die due to anemia. These pests are also known to cause skin and blood infection to the pets. Topical spot-on products can kill adult ticks and fleas efficiently and inhibit their growth and development. Most of these products need to be applied on regular basis. Oral treatments, on the other hand, are the most efficient and effective especially for prolonged periods. Read more info here.


Petlock offers a variety of products at Pet-Lock that can be effective against pests in your pet, the place it lives as well as the surrounding. Petlock products occur in different forms. Some are in form of shampoos while others are in form of sprays and powders. You can choose the form you wish to according to the amount of fur your pet has. For thin fur, powdery form of Petlock product can be effective. However, for pets that have thick fur, it is advisable to use either Petlock shampoo or spray for effective treatment.

This is because ticks and fleas tend to hide and find joy in hiding under the thick fur of your pets. Practicing proper hygiene is also recommended if you want to get rid of these pests once and for all. You should ensure that you bathe your pet regularly to ensure that no parasites come back. When bathing, you can trim their fur once in a while and ensure that you brush them properly. Their sleeping places and linens should also be kept clean always. When buying Petlock products, ensure that you pick the right product for your correct pet size, age, and type. Learn more about fleas at

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